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Updated by Charles Bystock on 03/25/2016

IT Sourcing Consultants

The IT landscape has changed dramatically from what we were dealing with just a few years ago.  There are more service delivery options, more vendors and more pricing models for you to consider than ever before.  How do you sift through all of these options to determine what’s best for your company’s future?

Partnering with an IT sourcing consultant can take the stress, frustration and worry out of your tough decision making processes and help you through your greatest IT technology transformation issues.  The key is finding the right consultant to ensure you get the highest quality solutions for your specific challenges.

What Can an IT Sourcing Advisor Do for You?

You can get as much or as little help as you need, whether your goal is outsourcing or upgrading and refining in-house service delivery and quality.  That’s because the consultant is a guide, a trusted advisor.  They can help you address a very specific problem within your IT environment or lead you through a radical transformation process.  Keep in mind, you will get planning and execution that takes into account the latest industry trends and best practices, as well as your specific IT and business priorities.

Benefits of Partnering with an IT Sourcing Advisor

Even if your IT department is large and populated with top talent, often your staff won’t have the time to research sourcing opportunities while simultaneously trying to maintain their hectic workload.  You don’t want to delay current initiatives, face potential service quality being degraded or negatively impact your competitive position.

Save time and stay focused – Sourcing advisors have the necessary knowledge and resources to assist you immediately.  Your consultant already has extensive knowledge of the available marketplace options that may be good choices for you.  Your IT team can remain focused on priority work that keeps your enterprise running.

Save money – Sourcing advisors know how to assess your current IT environment and costs, craft the most appropriate RFS (Request for Solutions), help you negotiate a contract that contains all the right details, and develop a high-level business case.  Because of all this, you can sidestep costly mistakes even a well-seasoned corporate negotiator may miss.  You get a deal that is structured to your advantage and priced to best meet your financial goals.

Greater insight – Sourcing advisors are experts in their knowledge of the IT marketplace and are up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends and best practices.  Further, they are experienced in applying them in companies like yours.  They can spot hidden opportunities – and also hazardous landmines – you could potentially overlook.

Better results – IT sourcing advisors are independent.  Because of this, they can help garner support for change from top management, if needed, by validating assumptions you’ve already made or helping to build an irrefutable business case.  The point of partnering with a sourcing advisor is to pinpoint answers most meaningful for you and secure faster time-to-implementation.