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We consult and advise across a broad range of IT service areas,
so you can evaluate opportunities to drive down IT costs
while simultaneously improving service.
Servers and Storage


Off premise business application opportunities include ERP hosting services (e.g., SAP, Oracle), and Software-as-a-Service platforms (Workday, Salesforce).  WG will define the opportunity and impact of the types of services to your current and future infrastructure and applications management service and cost.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is being transformed by significant advances in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  WG will define the opportunity and impact of RPA by working with BPO providers that offer RPA as part of their solution and pricing.  Many providers are guaranteeing a cost reduction based on an initial assessment of your operation.


AMS is a critical part of your day-to-day operations.  There may be opportunities to optimize the maintenance and support of your existing applications running on Windows, Linux, Mainframe, iSeries, and UNIX.  Leading providers in this space, are leveraging the recent advances in cognitive computing and automation technologies and will commit to a cost reduction based on their automation framework.  In today’s service provider marketplace, the trend is to “Automate First”, instead of transitioning systems and application administrative duties to a shared resource pool.

Data Center Facilities and DR

Servers amd Storage

Today’s IT environments are a mix of legacy and evolving technology stacks. This mix presents you with numerous challenges in trying to reduce costs, maintain and improve services, and addressing the many new innovative opportunities appearing in today’s market (big data, Cloud, robotic process automation (RPA), mobility, social media, etc.). Let the Windsor Group help you consolidate, streamline and standardize your current legacy and commodity IT services so you can refocus yourself and key management and staff on those new market opportunities. WG service providers support the latest in storage options and compute platforms, including Cloud solutions both public and private, Windows, Linux, UNIX and other legacy systems such as IBM Mainframes (z/OS) and IBM iSeries.


Data Center Facilities and Disaster Recovery

Today’s CIOs are realizing that their company is not in the data center business.  There are many data center alternatives in the marketplace which include tier 3 and 4 facilities reducing risk to the business. Windsor Group can help you evaluate the different Data Center and DR Service offerings and select the alternative that best fits your current and strategic IT needs.

End User Support

network and security

We can evaluate your current network support services including planning, design, implementation, day-to-day operations and maintenance. This will include voice and data support for your data center, WAN/MPLS/SD-WAN and remote branch offices.  Service offerings in this area focus on improving operational efficiency, network quality and asset utilization, helping you to improve profitability and customer experience

 Managed Security Service offerings provide threat protection, options for malware mitigation, Web filtering, spam filtering, access control, and VPN support.  A managed security service provider will offer 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and support-including easy visibility into service information through an online self-service portal.

Applications, RPA, Amazon, Azure

End user support

End users desire to use any device – tablet PC, smartphone, laptop or desktop PC, to securely access your applications, data and communications tools. WG will baseline and evaluate your current end-user device deployment and support services for desktops, laptops, phones and personal devices.  We will then evaluate service offerings that cover desktop and mobile, communication and collaboration, with solutions that are device, carrier and data-source agnostic. 

 End users also want to call a single place to get answers. Your Help Desk should provide an efficient way to provide immediate support to your customers. WG will baseline and evaluate your current help desk service, investigate, and compare your current service to Help Desk service offerings in the marketplace.


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