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Facilitating The Modernization Of Legacy Technology

The energy and utilities industry is currently in a transitionary period with opportunities for transcendent innovation. Better IT infrastructure offers a backbone for everything from implementing sustainable initiatives and improving service quality to minimizing the impact of an aging workforce. To reap these benefits, organizations must augment or supplant legacy technologies — a task requiring a clear understanding of business strategy, industry demands, and available technologies.

Why Windsor Group?

Windsor Group helps energy and utility companies prioritize their digital transformation to create an operational structure with the flexibility and agility to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. Enabling organizations to shift daily management and responsibilities of nonstrategic business initiatives to external service providers, Windsor Group helps companies significantly reduce their IT costs while creating a more efficient operation — one that positions energy and utility providers for a future of stability and success.

What do our energy and utility clients have to say about working with Windsor Group?

““Working with Windsor Group has been a transformative experience. Their dedication to our success, coupled with their technical prowess and commitment to excellence, has exceeded my expectations. I can confidently say they have become an integral part of our IT journey, and I look forward to a continued partnership that drives our organization to even greater heights.”

Energy & Utilities CIO

Overcoming Workforce and IT Challenges

Concerned about an aging workforce and its impact on operations, workflow, and production, a major energy company engaged Windsor Group to modernize its IT infrastructure and fulfill the responsibilities of its retiring workforce while minimizing disruptions.

How Windsor Group Helped

Windsor Group helped the energy company select an IT service provider capable of implementing a new solution that seamlessly fulfilled mission-critical operations while depreciating legacy systems. Additionally, the company was able to reduce costs while maintaining high availability and security compliance. Windsor Group’s proven process not only eased the burden of evaluating potential IT services but also ensured the organization achieved greater control over its workforce and operational challenges.

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