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Vendor Transition & Governance

Mitigating The Risk of New Ventures

Risk is always involved when selecting a new service provider: how do IT and Sourcing Management leaders know they are choosing the right vendor, and how can they ensure they will deliver on their promises? Relying on the cultivated experience of the IT vendor analysis and sourcing experts at the Windsor Group, the risk of selection error is drastically reduced. Our proven approach to sourcing includes a comprehensive vetting process, while our extensive industry knowledge, close partnerships with vendors and independent advisory ensures clients can move forward with confidence. We support clients throughout the contract negotiation process, conducting extensive due diligence and formulating an IT transition plan so there are no surprises.

Vendor Diligence

Once a preferred solution and service provider has been identified through our IT vendor analysis and sourcing process, Windsor Group conducts extensive due diligence to ensure clients derive long-term value from their relationship. We facilitate site visits between the client and vendor, making sure to pay attention to cultural and strategic fit. In-depth reference checks are also performed, giving clients greater confidence from the very start of their new partnership.

Contract Support

Windsor Group supports the creation and iteration of all contractual documents, leveraging our extensive experience and independent standing to ensure favorable agreements for all parties. Our IT vendor sourcing experts support the development of the Master Services Agreement (MSA), Statement Of Work (SOW), Service Level Agreement (SLA) and corresponding contractual exhibits, providing guidance through to contract signature.

Transition Plan

We work with all appropriate business units, including HR and Legal, to ensure a smooth transition to the new IT service delivery model. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a seamless transition without any interruption to existing business and delivery. Our IT transition planning team provides a detailed plan that considers the existing release calendar, migration coordination and resource management to ensure cost, time and quality targets are met.
What We Deliver
The IT vendor analysis and sourcing experts at the Windsor Group ensure a timely, productive start to the client-vendor partnership by supporting contract development, negotiation and governance.

Vendor Reference Checks

Master Services Agreement

Statement Of Work

Service Level Agreements

Supporting Contractual Exhibits

Transition Plan

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