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Offloading Your On-Site Data Center

Overcoming the Overbuilt Obstacle

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, corporate data centers were 50%-75% full and growing. Over the following decade, virtualization halted their growth and reduced raised floor utilization, so data centers were utilized at roughly 25%-50%.

When the cloud came on the scene, corporate data center usage dropped to approximately 15%-25%. Today, corporate data centers operate as a huge source of technical debt.

Decreasing Your Technical Debt

For enterprise organizations, most technical debt is associated with the costs of hosting data within their own overbuilt IT infrastructure. Technical debt limits corporate flexibility. Most of the IT infrastructure your business has invested in over the past decade will not withstand today’s exponential increase in innovation or meet the adaptivity standards required for a successful push toward digital transformation.

An Easy Evolution

Selling your on-site data center helps your business decrease technical debt, offload overbuilt infrastructure, and shift operations to the cloud with ease. Windsor Group can help you optimize technical operating costs related to your data center using our three-step approach of evaluation, business case development, and partner selection.
What We Deliver
Windsor Group’s IT sourcing experts assess your company's IT infrastructure to determine solutions for resolving technical debt and simplifying digital transformation.

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