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To be successful, today's CIOs must leverage the insight and experience of other IT leaders who have addressed similar problems and opportunities. You need access to global capabilities, proven methods, tools and techniques for developing and communicating the business value of IT to your organization. Through the combined strength of the Windsor Group and our IT Service Providers, hundreds of CIOs and IT executives worldwide receive unique insight into the CIO role, allowing them to reduce risk and save time in making critical technology decisions. We help you extend your vision and goals to your direct reports, their supporting teams and business leaders throughout the organization.


– Analyzing your IT financial and technical data for opportunities to reduce cost and improve service

– Performing qualitative and quantitative financial and risk analysis

– Determining goals, drivers, and objectives for your IT service delivery organization.

– Projecting a 5-year IT services roadmap.

– Measuring the benefits achieved from potential changes to your IT service delivery strategy

– Providing structured and unbiased analysis, industry benchmarks and in-depth expertise

– Developing a corresponding strategy for chosen alternative(s)

– Providing a change management plan and services to aid in your transition to the new model

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