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CIO’s Guide to Mainframes: In-House vs. Outsourced

mainframe outsourcing

It’s time to take a fresh look at IBM Mainframe outsourcing. Many CIOs at large enterprise corporations know it’s not if, but when, they will execute an IBM Mainframe outsourcing transaction. This white paper explains what you can expect from the current marketplace and offers guidance regarding the most effective approach to determining your future on the IBM Mainframe platform.

CIO’s Guide to Mainframes: Evaluating Sourcing Strategies to Mitigate Risk

mainframe outsourcing

You need to take a strategic approach toward your mainframe. You may have done your research and decided that mainframe outsourcing is a viable option for your enterprise - but what's next? This whitepaper explains what approach you should take and how to successfully evaluate service providers to meet your enterprise's needs when moving forward in the beginning stages of mainframe outsourcing.

Benchmarking Internal IT Costs

IT sourcing consultants

This white paper was created to help executives reduce cost while improving service through building an IT Infrastructure Services baseline. This baseline serves as a measurement tool for continuous improvement, as well as the base case for TCO and ROI analyses.

The CIO’s Guide to Evaluating IT Sourcing Options

IT sourcing consultants

Hiring the right IT sourcing consultant can take the stress, frustration and worry out of your decision-making process and help you design a better mousetrap. In this white paper, we’ll explore how you can use a sourcing consultant, and how they differ from one another and what to look for, so you can find a fit that’s both comfortable and profitable for your enterprise.

Cloud Computing Services: What’s Your Enterprise IT Forecast?

IT management companies

This white paper discusses the various types of cloud platforms, how to fit cloud computing into your enterprise, and how to optimize your costs. With greater assurances, economies of scale, and the clear fact that cloud computing is here to stay all converging to make CEOs and CIOs alike reconsider how cloud computing can make their enterprise more agile and more productive, this is a must read.

The CIO's Guide to Data Center Outsourcing

data center outsourcing

Data center outsourcing is becoming common, primarily because the sheer size of your data storage and access needs have outstripped your ability to manage this growth internally within the budget constraints of today. This white paper details exactly what data center outsourcing means for your enterprise, so that you can design and select the right solution and find the right provider to match your needs.

Case Studies

Healthcare Insurance IT Case Study

IT sourcing advisors

This case study takes a look at how one of the largest healthcare insurance providers was able to utilize deal-based data center acquisition to significantly reduce operational expenses, increase disaster recovery preparedness, and attain high levels of customer service.

Global Building Manufacturer Case Study

Windsor Group Global Building Manufacturer Case Study

This case study takes a look at how a global building materials manufacturer was challenged with high internal IT service unit costs due to a fixed overhead spread out over fewer servers and storage and was faced with the need to invest in a security and disaster recovery solution within its remaining infrastructure environment while also addressing rising fixed costs.

Energy Company Case Study

Outsourcing in the Energy Sector

This case study takes a look at how a Kansas-based energy provider that works to provide safe and reliable electricity to nearly 700,000 customers was challenged with key resources nearing retirement. Highly concerned about the impact that their aging workforce would have on operational capabilities, workflow, and production, this energy provider was in search of a solution that would seamlessly fulfill the responsibilities of these positions while minimizing disruption.


3 Critical Steps to Reaching an IT Sourcing Decision Webinar

IT sourcing consultants

Deciding to source your IT affects so many parts of the business, including staff, budgets, risk, compliance, and the future direction of your IT organization. Windsor Group knows this, so we have created an on-demand webinar to give you all the facts before you invest your money down the wrong path.

Mainframe On-Demand Webinar

mainframe outsourcing

If you’re running a mainframe, you’ll want to watch this webinar. Our mainframe experts can help you construct a story that defends your strategy and baselines your costs. In this webinar, learn about present alternatives to mainframes, benefits, and issues that cover reducing costs, improving services, minimizing risks, and advantages of new mainframe services.

Other Helpful Resources

IT Assessment Checklist

IT management companies

With this all-inclusive IT infrastructure checklist, you'll receive a helpful step-by-step guide for accurately assessing your current IT environment.

The Windsor Group Service Overview

IT sourcing advisors

A look at exactly what services the Windsor Group offers, our value proposition, our offerings, and how we go about establishing a baseline for your enterprise. You will get detailed insight into what a statement of work with the Windsor Group would look like, project communications, a sample project timeline, reporting, and what clients Windsor Group currently works with.