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Our Process

IT Consulting Process

We help our clients make decisions that are both practical and strategic.

Our iterative, agile approach starts with collecting and analyzing data, then moves to collaborating on potential solutions. The result: Our clients have a firm grasp of the potential solutions and their economic implications.

Our Process

1. Collect

Our approach is unassuming and effective.  We collect your readily-available data  use everyday to run your IT environment.  With this data and WG best practices, WG consultants work in collaboration with your IT management team to organize your data into industry standard IT service areas.

2. Analyze

We develop custom dashboards to represent your current service delivery and cost profile, and then analyze your data for opportunities to reduce cost and improve service delivery through IT service providers that leverage the latest technologies including cognitive computing, robotic process automation (RPA), and public cloud services from Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (AZURE).

3. Select

Driven by your data, we evaluate marketplace service options on your behalf. Based on your selection criteria (price, design, risk, and culture), we consider multiple service providers that meet your requirements. We guide you through all phases of the vendor selection process through contract signature.

The CIO's Guide to Evaluating IT Sourcing Options, The Windsor Group

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