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Opportunity Assessment

Turning Business Challenges Into Strategic Opportunities

When seeking to reduce cost and improve service, determining the right path forward requires a clear, unbiased assessment. At Windsor Group, we leverage each client’s IT service baseline to identify unique improvement opportunities. Comparing the baseline to industry best practice, we narrow in on the vendors and service opportunities that enable clients to achieve benchmark performance. Working both collaboratively and iteratively, our independent advice ensures clients find the best fit solution for their goals, with a service provider that aligns strategically and culturally.


After establishing the IT service baseline through our data and spend analysis, we benchmark our client’s current state against industry best practices. Benchmarking allows us to define the opportunities for high impact cost and service improvements while also determining proof of value to proceed with vendor shortlisting.

Service and Vendor Assessment

Based on industry benchmarks, we compare the base case to potential vendors. We evaluate marketplace options, vetting suppliers based on service capability, geography, cost, and cultural criteria. Understanding the significance of forming new vendor partnerships, we facilitate workshops with potential vendors and on-site visits to present initial solutions and pricing.

Vendor Validation

Once choice vendors have been identified, we conduct validation workshops with clients to assess their fit and opportunity for impact. We refine the solution design to meet client-specific requirements, ensuring alignment with the strategic goals of the organization. To drive progress and implement change in a timely manner, we provide a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) estimate and a Business Case, identifying the clear value of leveraging such an opportunity.
What We Deliver
Windsor Group provides a tangible outlook on potential opportunities and their value to the business.

Service Opportunity Presentation (SOP℠)

Vendor Validation Workshops

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Assessment

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