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Mainframe outsourcing may not be so much a question of "whether," but "how."
Evaluating Sourcing Strategies

The CIO's Guide to Mainframes: Evaluating Sourcing Strategies to Mitigate Risk

The CIO's Guide to Mainframes: Evaluating Sourcing Strategies to Mitigate Risk

Why was this guide created?

If you’re a CIO, CFO, CTO or chief of IT infrastructure, working in a highly regulated industry or handling extremely high transaction volumes, you need to take a strategic approach toward your mainframe. You may have done your research and decided that mainframe outsourcing is a viable option for your enterprise - but what's next? This whitepaper explains what approach you should take and how to successfully evaluate service providers to meet your enterprise's needs when moving forward in the beginning stages of mainframe outsourcing.

What to expect from this whitepaper:

  • How to approach mainframe outsourcing and how to pick the right service provider.
  • How to construct a comprehensive baseline that will help you identify how decisions may affect staff, budgets, compliance, and profitability.
  • How to compare in-house expense, service, and capabilities to real-time service providers.