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Evaluate Sourcing Alternatives


We evaluate alternative delivery and pricing models to determine

the best solutions based on your current state and future direction.

Managed Services

Variable and Deal Based - Pricing Models.

Most service offerings offer variable, usage-based pricing models, however in some cases it may make sense to pay for a dedicated set of equipment.  Whether you need dedicated legacy systems support or simply Infrastructure as a Service, we will work with you to determine the optimal pricing model turning your fixed costs into variable pricing and avoiding capital expense. Additionally, deal based solutions involve Highly-customized strategies involving the re-badging of staff, and the sale of customer assets including data centers and IT assets.

Cloud Computing

Managed Services – supporting IT operations and technical support services across a broad range of IT service areas.

These services include storage and operating system engineering, architecture, build, maintenance, monitoring and problem resolution for Cloud, Network Operations Centers(NOC), Security Operations Centers(SOC), Help Desk Operations, Captive Centers, Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM Mainframes, and IBM iSeries.

Dedicated Resource Models

Cloud Computing – IT-as-a-Service Models.

Options in this area are Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service, private, public, and hybrid cloud sourcing models from several different vendors providing different operating and pricing models.

Variable-Usage Based Pricing Models

Dedicated Resource Models.

The Dedicated Resource Model (DRM) is one of the solution levers we can evaluate for you.  With DRM, the IT service provider dedicates resources to support and manage your IT environment in place.

Asset Light Models

Asset Light Models.

Enables clients to own their hardware and continue to make buying decisions related to hardware and software platforms.

Deal-Based Acquisition Models

Deal-Based Acquisition Models.

Highly-customized solutions involving the re-badging of staff, and the sale of customer assets including data centers and IT assets.

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Let’s work together to identify various sourcing alternatives and determine the best sourcing strategy for your enterprise.