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Learn how one of Kansas' largest energy providers was able to solve their workforce challenges through outsourcing
Outsourcing in the Energy Sector

Download the Case Study

Case Study: Addressing Unique Challenges in
the Energy Sector with Outsourcing

What challenges were they facing?

A Kansas-based energy provider that works to provide safe and reliable electricity to nearly 700,000 customers was challenged with key resources nearing retirement. Highly concerned about the impact that their aging workforce would have on operational capabilities, workflow, and production, this energy provider was in search of a solution that would seamlessly fulfill the responsibilities of these positions while minimizing disruption.

Windsor Group worked closely with energy provider to:

  • Address the challenges of an aging workforce
  • Identify and select the right IT sourcing solution  
  • Alleviate the cost, risk, and compliance concerns associated with leveraging an outsourced IT solution
  • Transition away for their legacy platform and invest in new technology