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You can have electricity without owning the power company, right? You don't need to own your own data center to make outsourcing work for you.
Data Center Outsourcing

The CIO's Guide to Data Center Outsourcing: Evaluating Outsourcing Options to Transform Your IT Operations

The CIO's Guide to Data Center Outsourcing:  Evaluating Outsourcing Options to Transform Your IT Operations

Why outsource your data center?

Data center outsourcing is becoming common, primarily because the sheer size of your data storage and access needs have outstripped your ability to manage this growth internally within the budget constraints of today. The economies of scale have tipped toward third-party providers who can do everything bigger and better. But what exactly does that mean for your enterprise? Choice is a good thing, but with seemingly limitless permutations, designing and selecting the right solution plus finding the right provider can be daunting, to say the least.

IT is a necessity for your business, even if it isn't a primary focus. That's why there's outsourcing. Download this guide, and you'll learn:

  • How to get better efficiency, service, and disaster preparedness out of your IT solution.
  • Why a quantifiable impact analysis is the first critical step to reaching your IT goals.
  • How to get help navigating a complicated sourcing transaction.