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Updated by Charles Bystock on 09/04/2014

true_value_of_selective_IT_sourcing_have_it_your_waySolutions that work well for some other enterprise aren’t necessarily right for your organization, either financially or functionally. You can learn from others, but you never want to copy them. That’s not leading-edge thinking, and it could lead you in the wrong direction. Selective IT sourcing is focuses entirely on your enterprise -- what you want and need to achieve your business goals.

And that’s the true value of selective IT sourcing: it’s enables you to craft solutions that are uniquely yours.

Selective outsourcing isn’t a new concept for businesses. But with increasingly diverse options available for IT upgrades and transformation, selectivity is gaining popularity among IT and corporate managers. You’re not only dealing with emerging technologies and new ways of approaching data-related needs and solutions, your choices are driven in large part by the omnipresent desire for individualized solutions.

No wonder hybrid configurations are becoming the norm. It’s simply more valuable to craft a solution specifically tailored for your enterprise. And thanks to selective IT sourcing, you can do that.

Have it your way.

Burger King abandoned their famous slogan after 40 years, but it has taken on new life with IT professionals. One-size-fits-all outsourcing is a thing of the past. There’s no need for sweeping, all-encompassing “solutions” that address some of your IT issues but not others. Plus there’s no need to forego innovative outsourcing options simply because there are things you need to retain in-house.

You can pick and choose what you want, who you want to deliver it and how you want to pay for it. You can take advantage of sourcing providers who offer the right combination of expertise – or very narrow niche expertise. You can acquire skills and knowledge beyond your internal IT staff’s capabilities, boosting your power to compete without boosting your expense budget.

Hybridization facilitates creativity.

Your enterprise can’t be innovative and competitive if you can’t be creative, and that starts with IT, because data underlies everything else your company does.

Selective IT sourcing enables you to transform as quickly or as systematically as fits your corporate culture, budget and so on. You can select just a few easy-to-accomplish and least threatening options first, then begin to take advantage of more complex sourcing solutions as your internal audience gains comfort with the value of significant change.

You can partner with specific providers to accomplish specific goals. You can choose one or several to add the versatility of the cloud for certain applications, but you may also want to augment your product development team or manage your data centers with other types of providers.

Only you know which challenges are your current worst enemies – the ones you most need to address to make better use of the money you’re spending, increase efficiency and proficiency.

Selectivity IT sourcing gives you scalability and flexibility. It can put access to industry best practices and knowledge you don’t have internally in your hands, and strengthen your new product time to market. You’re smarter and more effective in the near term, and you can enjoy a potentially lower total cost of ownership in the long run.

You’re saving significant sums on capital expenditures, able to divert that money to new initiatives, shareholder rewards or simply a healthier bottom line. The rewards are many, all because you have choice.

The biggest challenge is finding the right source(s).

Once you get past that glow of choice, you realize you’re facing a complex matching game – finding the right resources. A sourcing professional can bring you industry experience and insight, unbiased recommendations and a short list of providers they know will be a good fit for your functional and cultural needs, to help you make the most strategic, valuable selections.

You can be selective with them, too, getting help with your entire decision-making process or just certain questions. Either way, you’ll reap the true value of selective IT sourcing.

photo credit: judith74 via photopin cc