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Top 5 Reasons To Outsource Your Call Center To The Cloud

Jun 25, 2015 6:00:00 AM

by Charles Bystock

outsource_call_centerWith customers ever more demanding, no enterprise can survive without superior customer service. For large companies in any industry, call centers have become ubiquitous – a central point of communications with customers where you answer sales inquiries and provide tech support via inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat and email support. When you outsource your call center to the cloud, you can deliver a far more satisfying customer experience.

Here’s why.

1. Give it to them their way.

International business? Customers who may want to call you in the middle of their night? Time zones matter not when your cloud-based call centers make it easy to respond in real time, 24/7, regardless where you or your customers are located. Your company is never unavailable, so you’ll never anger a customer who can’t get help or miss a sale from someone anxious to purchase now.

Companies have learned the hard way that their American customers want to speak to someone who speaks easily understandable English. Likewise, your Latin American customers want to hear their Spanish, not Castilian. Chinese? Portuguese? A cloud-based call center can easily provide personnel that speak any languages you want. Your customers can communicate with you their way, in their language, at a time that works for them and get the superlative service they expect. They will be thrilled.  

2. Save money.

Building and maintaining brick-and-mortar call centers is expensive. Typically, companies have chosen semi-obscure call center locations for their lower land and labor costs, but that severely restricts your labor pool. In addition to capital and overhead expenses for physical facilities, you have ongoing expenses for training, etc.

When you outsource your call center, you eliminate the hard costs, replacing them with expenses based on work done, as needed. When you outsource your call center to the cloud, you can save even more, because your service provider is enjoying those same infrastructure savings.

3. Deliver higher quality call response.

Cloud-based providers are able to recruit and retain top talent, whereas fixed-operation call centers are limited to the pool at hand, regardless where they’re located. Their people are professionals with work-from-home jobs, working with the latest remote integration technology to provide seamless service to your customers. Their people are deeply trained on your products and services, based on your information and instructions, enabling you to reach critical call center goals – quick response and first-time resolution.

Providers ensure call quality via ongoing monitoring. And they have powerful security in place to assure your call center activities meet or exceed specific industry compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI Level 1 certification as well as general security requirements.

4. Scalability.

Virtually every organization experiences fluctuations in call center volume. For many companies, fluctuations occur on a daily basis during certain time periods. For others, fluctuations are seasonal. If you’re about to launch a new product or enter new markets, your call center has to handle that upsurge in business without a hitch.

When you outsource your call center to the cloud, your provider’s on-demand services can take all this in stride, so you never sacrifice customer service quality. Scalability protects you in the event business drops unexpectedly, too. No idle facilities or employees to drain your cash flow.

5. Retain your focus.

A prominent benefit of outsourcing is your ability to offload certain workloads so your remaining internal team can concentrate on building stronger personal relationships with customers and developing new products or services to grow your enterprise and your bottom line. Instead of investing in call centers, you can invest in retaining your competitive position and greater agility, putting your money and corporate energy where it matters most.

Regardless how great your products or services, your enterprise will fail to thrive if you can’t guarantee a superior customer experience. Outsource your call center to the cloud, and watch your reputation soar.

photo credit: reynermedia via photopin cc

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