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IBM Mainframe Outsourcing - 4 Benefits You Can Take To The Bank

Jul 13, 2015 2:34:00 PM

by Josh Boxer

Over the years, companies big and small have leveraged the IBM Mainframe for its speed, agility and processing power.  Today, the Mainframe workforce is retiring, making the it less strategic to run it internally.  Many CIO's are looking at ways to better leverage their talent and resources and have begun researching alternatives solutions.

IBM Mainframe Outsourcing


IBM Mainframe z Systems allows for the computing Infrastructure to do just about anything — enabling IT Groups to transact at the scale and speed of mobile, bring both right-time and real-time analytics to every transaction, and ensure superior levels of security and trust in the cloud — all while transforming the efficiency and economics of IT in your company.


Outsourcing can help you control costs, streamline remaining internal IT systems and increase both productivity and service levels. And when you’re ready, it can help ease your company’s transition away from mainframe legacy operations to new enterprise-wide systems.  

Here are four ways your company could benefit from outsourcing your IBM Mainframe:

1. Cost savings.

A lot of the costs associated with running your Mainframe are from third party Software License agreements. By leveraging a service providers economies of scale, and by moving to utility based costing models,  you can significantly reduce your expense.

You won’t have to expend high-cost staff time researching the latest Mainframe-related industry intelligence. The right IBM Mainframe outsourcing partner will have in-depth  industry experience. It’s their job to follow best practices and keep up with regulatory, compliance and security issues on your behalf.

2. Scalability.

Having the ability to scale up and down is critical to todays businesses. You don't have to be married to fixed SLA's and can smoothly and quickly adjust to seasonal or project-based fluctuations or rapid company growth.

3. Sharper focus.  

IT infrastructure is critical for business function, but you’re not in the IT business. IBM Mainframe outsourcing can help you refine your competitive advantage by enabling you to concentrate on core activities -- research and development, new market opportunities, building stronger customer relationships.

Instead of worrying about where you’ll find skilled professionals to replace legacy-savvy retirees, you can focus on recruiting top talent to beef up key areas or support new initiatives. You can re-direct IT staff toward more strategic thinking, planning and researching new opportunities.  

4. Stronger overall results.

IBM Mainframe outsourcing is a flexible solution that’s tailored specifically to your company. You can minimize costs yet ensure optimal performance and 24/7 maintenance and support. Consistent, reliable service levels eliminate worries about something breaking down or staffing deficiencies when people get sick, go on vacation or leave. Your outsourcing partner can even make recommendations to streamline or enhance remaining in-house IT infrastructure or services.

Outsourcing lets you play to your company’s strengths rather than allowing growing Mainframe concerns to overshadow other needs.

Reaping the benefits requires advance planning.

IBM Mainframe outsourcing is your best choice only if it helps achieve overall strategic goals and implementation tactics. What are your key service level requirements?

An IT consulting firm that specializes in working with companies like yours can help assess your situation. A knowledgeable consultant can often uncover deficiencies or opportunities you may overlook. And they can help you use that information to choose the most appropriate vendor or outsourcing partner and negotiate the most valuable service level agreements.

They’ll help you look for solutions that provide:

  • Fully managed, round-the-clock system software support and computer operations.
  • Fast, reliable data center migration.
  • Disaster recovery capability that meets your specifications at the best possible price.
  • Carefully-considered system architecture that offers the right hardware, software, networking and storage capabilities.
  • Potential runtime improvements – do you need to increase capacity? Or fine-tune internal performance?

You may discover that IBM Mainframe outsourcing is the solution you’ve been looking for to help secure your company’s IT future, cost-effectively.



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