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Updated by Charles Bystock on 01/25/2016

mainframe outsourcing 

It’s no secret that more and more companies are turning to mainframe outsourcing as a valuable business solution. Since many of the key applications have evolved over the years to meet increasingly intense business demands, CIOs are looking to leverage the capabilities and reliability of the mainframe to accomplish even more.

How Mainframe Outsourcing Can Boost Your ROI

IT management solutions are precious and have always been known to (and developed for) boosting efficiencies within any business. But when you’re not in the actual business of IT, managing your mainframe can be costly and consume some valuable information technology resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.

Gain Specialized Skills and Expertise

When it comes to mainframe outsourcing, not only do you lighten the daily workload of day-to-day mainframe operations, but you increase your business agility by gaining a specialized skillset and expertise. The right vendor will have a solid foundation of knowledge that can also be utilized for forming long-term strategy.

Improved Productivity

Naturally, when your business productivity is increased, your profitability and ROI will also rise. Mainframe outsourcing provides greater data capacity and more efficient organizational processes by providing business users with more timely access to data, enabling more self-service capabilities, and giving the ability to easily adjust business processes.

More Concentration on Core Areas

With less human talent dedicated to maintaining your legacy mainframe, the company benefits from sharper focus on core revenue-generating activities like research and development, innovation, new market opportunities, strengthening customer relationships, and even expanding your reach geographically.

Not only that, but since you won’t have to recruit and replace the legacy-trained professionals on the brink of retirement, you can focus on securing top talent for other key areas of the business that will ultimately boost your bottom line.

Enhanced Forecasting and Budgeting

With outsourcing, you are essentially transferring the management responsibility of maintaining your mainframe and in most cases, the costs are reduced. You can leverage the relationships and networks of the mainframe software vendor to make sure the costs remain low and consistent.

On the flip side, you don’t have to be tied to fixed personnel or levels of service, so you can adjust to rapid company growth or seasonal fluctuations based on your needs. Because of this, you can more accurately predict cost which enhances your forecasting and budget processes.

Outsourcing your mainframe allows you to play to your company’s strengths instead of allowing your infrastructure and trained workforce to age and ultimately overshadow the company’s other critical needs.