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Data Center Outsourcing Improves Company's Sustainability

Oct 29, 2013 6:00:00 AM

by Charles Bystock

data center outsourcing sustainabilityEvery company wants to grow, no matter what they do, how long they’ve been in business or how big they already are. But in recent years it’s become obvious that the old cliché “only the strong survive” is more on-point than ever. Prophetic, even. You can’t grow if you can’t sustain the results when times are toughest. For most companies, data center outsourcing can smooth your path to sustainability.

Data center outsourcing can help you overcome your highest IT functionality hurdles, supporting growth and change as it happens. When you’re able to sustain small changes as you go, you’re automatically positioned for reliable long-term operation. You’re prepared. You’re agile.

Secure your IT future.

Outsourcing ensures you’re always up to date. You have access to the latest technology and the most streamlined processes that reflect industry trends and best practices. Yet you no longer have to budget precious dollars to cover ongoing expenses for infrastructure replacement, software upgrades, maintenance, training or support, maybe even facilities management.

The scalability of data center outsourcing ensures you always have as much as you need in the way of IT functionality, no matter how fast you’re growing. If you run into a downturn, you can scale back just as easily. When an unexpected opportunity presents itself, you’re confidently ready to take advantage. And if disaster strikes, your ability to continue doing business is never in question.

Cure heartburn associated with staffing challenges.

It’s hard enough to stay current with evolving technology and IT management standards. Your legacy systems are aging, and one of these days they won’t be capable of interfacing with the newest innovations and applications. Meanwhile, the corollary challenge of insufficient skilled human resources is causing havoc among large global enterprises struggling to sustain growth and profitability.

Your people are aging out along with your infrastructure, and there aren’t enough newly-minted graduates coming on the scene to fill the void. Sure, some schools are still teaching the kind of skills needed to run your IT operations, but the hiring pool is just too small. And data center outsourcing service providers have a distinct hiring advantage over you because, let’s face it, they can offer a more interesting and challenging working environment.

Sustainability requires the best talent as well as the best technology.

Control costs, protect your budget and financial resources.

That kind of flexibility you get from outsourcing improves financial sustainability, and that ultimately leads to stronger profits. You can reduce operations expenses immediately and over time, turning fixed costs into variable ones. That improves predictability, and that strengthens budgetary and operational planning.

You can also conserve valuable capital.

Re-capture your core focus.

This is no time to waste time and money on distractions. It’s tougher than ever to find a competitive edge, let alone sustain it. You need to get a firm grip on what’s most important for your future – your core business activities. Data center outsourcing lets you step out of the IT business, offloading those functions that, however vital for daily operations, aren’t your company’s reason for existing.

Instead, you can direct your human and monetary resources toward mission-critical planning and actions that support new product or service development, enhanced customer relations, market research and expansion – the things that make your enterprise strong so you can survive. And increase sales so you can grow.

Working with a data center outsourcing consultant improves your chances of success.

An objective advisor can help you conduct a more thorough assessment of your current IT capabilities and costs, giving you the tools to build a sound, all-inclusive business case to compare data center outsourcing alternatives. You can make better-informed choices to create more strategically tailored solutions. And your consultant can help you develop a well-matched provider partnership designed to improve your sustainability and help you open future doors. 

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