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Updated by Charles Bystock on 09/19/2013


it sourcing advisors ongoing valueIt’s a mind-boggling IT marketplace these days, with a steady stream of new alternatives and opportunities continuing to emerge. You need more than an aspirin to combat this headache. You need a system of infrastructure and services that’s both smart and svelte. The truth is, you’re not likely to craft that kind of solution without professional help from IT sourcing advisors.

The right advisors can guide you toward appropriate near-term decisions, to design the most promising IT solutions and partner with the most skilled providers. But it’s how they help you focus on the long-term view that makes their services doubly worthwhile. How does that work?

They can help you reduce operations expenses.

Day in and day out, this is a benefit that just keeps producing. It’s probably one of the key reasons you’re even considering outsourcing. Every time you’re able to say yes to new initiatives or investing in expanded R&D or marketing campaigns or production facilities, you’ll thank your IT sourcing advisors for helping you recapture those operations and capital funds you used to spend on IT infrastructure and service delivery.

They help you design solutions that will be flexible and scalable.

Transformation – or even a trial-size bit of outsourcing – won’t really be cost-effective if it’s cheaper now but not up to snuff as you move forward. In an uncertain economy and highly competitive environment, your IT underpinnings have to flex with whatever comes along. The ability to expand or contract quickly and efficiently is what allows you to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities as well as meet your strategic goals.

IT sourcing advisors help you consider the broader picture.

Changing how you view and handle IT isn’t just a matter of achieving operational savings and being flexible. Ongoing value comes from discovering ways to streamline the functions you retain in-house, to improve efficiency or quality. It comes from evaluating how you deploy your IT workforce. It comes from ensuring your disaster recovery plan will be there for you if you ever need to implement it. IT sourcing advisors can help you with all those things.

Your people will be more productive.

IT sourcing solutions that support and actually facilitate BYOD and other remote work scenarios are essential for large global concerns. And solutions that enhance internal service delivery with better reliability and availability enterprise-wide enable every one of your people to work faster and more effectively. They can get more done and interact more effectively with customers. They can spend more time on creative thinking and planning.

Your IT staff can focus on corporate priorities rather than devoting skilled time to comparatively low-value tasks like maintenance and support. With them seated at your corporate planning table, you’ll be able to make more strategic decisions.

Your people will be happier.

This is a value-added corollary to the benefits of helping your employees be more productive through stronger IT infrastructure and services. Turnover is a huge cost for every company, regardless of size or industry. It can delay or even disable your plans, so it feels like you’re going three steps forward and two steps back. On the other hand, happy folks stick around, eliminating the time and expense associated with recurring recruiting, training, etc.

Happy folks are more motivated, too. More excited about their work. That’s ongoing value you can’t quantify, but you organization will certainly benefit from it.

When you invest in assistance from IT sourcing advisors, you can find yourself better prepared for whatever comes next. More agile in the face of uncertainty. More confident in your company’s ability to perform. More competitive. That all leads to greater profitability. It’s hard to imagine ongoing value that’s more, well, valuable, than that.


Photo credit: NASA