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5 Reasons to Hire IT Advisory Services

Jun 13, 2013 12:42:00 PM

by Charles Bystock

IT advisory services 5Many complex enterprises are finding themselves at an IT crossroads. It’s clear changes have to be made to assure a productive, agile future, so you’ve decided to investigate your options. Now is the time to hire IT advisory services.

Maybe you think you can undertake this project all on your own. After all, it’s your enterprise, and you’re equipped with smart, experienced IT staff. But before you decide to go it alone, consider these five reasons to hire IT advisory services:

1. They bring additional brain-power to the table.

You’ll get a team of professionals with in-depth expertise in both business management and technology. People who have their fingers on the pulse of the IT outsourcing marketplace, scouring it every day for new ideas and successful implementation practices.

That’s a combination of knowledge and resources that transcends your in-house capabilities, so IT advisory services can serve as a bridge between your internal team and the latest research and solution options. You’ll get valuable unbiased insight and recommendations throughout the complex, exacting process of IT outsourcing decision-making.

2. You can save time and stay focused.

With your IT advisory services taking the lead, you and your people can remain focused on mission-critical activities already underway. Of course you’ll be involved, but the process of investigating outsourcing options won’t detract from your day-to-day operations.

Sharing the workload saves time. And you’ll be supported by a group of experts whose only job is to help you make the strongest decisions.

3. It will be easier to figure out what you need to do.

Every enterprise faces a different set of challenges. You have unique goals and your own way of doing things. IT advisory services can help you address business and technical needs as a total package, rather than making the mistake of viewing IT as a disparate “tool” within your enterprise.

That’s crucial, because although you need to make a business case that’s thoroughly researched and reliable, it has to direct you toward across-the-board results that will benefit every part of your company, from finance to logistics, HR to risk management.

A top IT advisory services consultant will insist you start by conducting a comprehensive internal assessment to create a decision-making baseline. You’ll learn more about your enterprise than you might expect – not just your IT strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement, but the total direct and indirect costs associated with IT, outsourced or not.

You’ll have realistic data to develop a clear outsourcing strategy. And you’ll have the measurement tools in place to accurately compare potential solutions and providers, without overlooking hidden costs.

Your advisors will also help you evaluate the human aspects of transformation -- how you can effectively support increased mobility and other employee demands, and how transformation can make cultural sense for your organization.

4. You’ll get help with sourcing.

Devising an appropriate outsourcing strategy is just the beginning. IT advisory services can include help with sourcing, and that’s invaluable because you need to get it right.

Are you going for total transformation? Choosing a few commoditized services – and, if so, which ones? How can you best integrate these changes with remaining in-house functions? And how can you manage what you do retain to be more efficient and cost-effective?

IT advisory services help you make your best deal, with the right controls in place.

5. You’ll be more effective overall.

IT advisory services can help your company effect transformational change with minimal growing pains, managing the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible to minimize disruption. They can help you avoid mistakes that could cost you dearly, or set you back instead of catapulting you forward.

They’ll be brutally honest with you – nicely, of course. But they bring skills and knowledge you don’t have. And isn’t that exactly the kind of guidance you want and need?  

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