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The Role Of An IT Outsourcing Advisory In The Outsourcing Process

May 23, 2013 6:00:00 AM

by Charles Bystock

IT outsourcing advisoryOutsourcing has been a lifesaver for many companies in recent years, companies across the entire spectrum of sizes, industries and locations. But is it right for your enterprise, at this stage of your development? An IT outsourcing advisory should be the first step you take toward answering that question.

Outsourcing has proven effective for so many because it’s so versatile. It can allow companies to implement the latest technologies and IT-related processes and best practices, without significant capital investment or ongoing operations costs. It can help companies consistently meet regulatory requirements as well as internal standards and policies. It offers unequalled scalability and flexibility.  

But you’re not other companies. An IT outsourcing advisory has fundamental value because it’s focused entirely on you.

Just as the phrase suggests, you get an advisor.

You want to align your operation with industry best practices and emerging trends that can make you more efficient and productive as well as help you control costs. But that’s no easy task. It’s complex, so it can be both daunting and confusing.

How do you know where to look? Which alternatives represent the best hope for your future? How to compare them? What you should pay? And what you should expect in return? An IT outsourcing advisory can guide you through all that, and more.

With a team of expert consultants, you’ll get counseling and guidance on whether and how to go about outsourcing some or all of your IT functions. You’ll be fully prepared to make the most profitable decisions.

There’s nothing generic about an IT outsourcing advisory consultation.

Or there shouldn’t be. As an independent third party, your advisory team is unbiased. They have no vested interest in any particular solution or provider. Their only goal is your success.

They know what your world is like because they’ve been there, racking up relevant experience that complements their familiarity with the current outsourcing marketplace. They’ve seen first-hand what works in real-life application with other companies. They know what looks good but probably won’t pan out as expected for your enterprise and, conversely, what surprising alternative could be exactly right for you.

You can sidestep hidden problems, but you won’t miss hidden opportunities that could improve what you have now, help you further improve later on and perhaps even help you find additional revenue streams.

What specific guidance will you get?  

Your advisor should offer a menu of services. The more you choose, the broader the benefit, such as:

  • Benchmarking. Only a detailed analysis can show your current situation, highlighting gaps and opportunities outsourcing might address and enabling you to accurately compare direct and indirect costs.
  • IT service assessment. Tweaking your internal processes could be a viable alternative to outsourcing.
  • Workforce assessment. Are you putting your high-cost IT staff to best use?
  • Governance and control assessment. The trend is toward strengthened policies and procedures.
  • Matchmaking and negotiation assistance. If you choose an outsourcing solution, you’ll need a provider and contract that exactly match your needs.

An IT outsourcing advisory allows you to test the waters. See if outsourcing in some form makes true business sense for your enterprise. If so, you can proceed to the next steps armed with complete, detailed data and on-point recommendations to achieve what you need in the way you want, and to obtain the most appropriate-for-you pricing and payment structure.

A total outsourcing package that’s just right for you ensures your company can function predictably and smoothly as the marketplace and your internal needs change. And that ensures your ability to grow and increase profitability. 

Photo credit: kulicki via Flickr

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