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5 Most Popular Reasons for Considering IBM Mainframe Outsourcing

Jan 15, 2013 6:00:00 AM

by Charles Bystock

5 Most Popular Reasons for Considering IBM Mainframe OutsourcingSaving money is a perennial favorite among business executives, regardless of industry or company size. IBM Mainframe outsourcing can help companies save on costs associated with operations and capital investment, eliminating ongoing expenses for hardware, maintenance, upgrades, physical space and labor.

But IBM Mainframe outsourcing can provide other benefits that make it a popular alternative for many companies. That’s because you can:

Enjoy the predictability of scalability.

One of the biggest frustrations for any executive is lack of predictability, either functional or financial. IBM Mainframe outsourcing boosts predictability in both areas. You’re guaranteed explicit service levels and quality via detailed SLAs, and both service and pricing are scalable.

Usually pricing structures reflect what you’ve actually received, but the marketplace is seeing emerging alternatives that can give you more options based on your company’s overall IT-based goals.

Take your place on the leading-edge.

Right now you’re locked into the IBM Mainframe system you have. Outsourcing lets you consider all the alternatives – commoditized services, working partnerships, suppliers and pricing options, individually-tailored SLA details – solutions that fit your company’s culture, strategic plan and budget.

You can devise a system architecture that holistically includes hardware, software, networks and storage needs based on the latest innovations. With that in place, you’re ready for anything, from business fluctuations to changing corporate direction, personnel shifts to disaster recovery, all at a reasonable cost.

Yet there’s never a dip in service. You’re nimble right from the start with fast, reliable data migration. And you’re assured reliable uptime and fully-managed 24/7 support.

Build a better team.

IBM Mainframe outsourcing focuses on physical equipment and management systems, but ultimately your company’s success depends on people. When you outsource, you gain a working partner. Their people become your people. They can augment your current IT staff or replace a dwindling supply legacy experts.

Your new people bring a different, probably broader, range of experience and expertise – skills they’ll put to use on your behalf while you redirect your remaining staff to new priorities. They’ll help keep you up-to-date, too, becoming your “inside intelligence” partner and advisor, not just another service provider. You won’t have to wonder whether you’re current with compliance or other regulatory issues, or falling behind in security.

Build a better mousetrap.

With an IBM Mainframe outsourcing partner in place, you’re able to concentrate on turning your corporate vision into a reality rather than diverting valuable time and resources to important-but-distracting details such as Mainframe systems management.  

You can devote all the resources at your disposal to research and development, expansion, increased marketing or other revenue-driving activities – the strategic priorities and new initiatives outlined in your long-term plans.

Ultimately, perhaps the most popular reason is a smoother ride.

Like any other outsourcing, IBM Mainframe outsourcing offers both costs and benefits. The best solution will be based on your company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, new opportunities you can see or want to create, priorities and stakeholder expectations regarding direction, rate of progress and profitability.

But outsourcing can give you confidence that everything is in place to move forward capably and consistently, whether with better processes, better management or complete transformation. In a working environment where seemingly anything can happen next and unpredictability is the new normal, wouldn’t it be nice to know that there is something you can control?

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