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Is IBM Mainframe Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

Jan 10, 2013 6:00:00 AM

by Charles Bystock

How to Know If IBM Mainframe Outsourcing Is Right for Your CompanyEstablishing whether or not IBM Mainframe outsourcing is right for your company is a simple matter of weighing the costs versus the benefits. Both functional and financial considerations have to show an aggregate “plus” to make the move worthwhile.

But it’s not really a simple decision-making process.

If you don’t take the time to assemble all the data you need, you could wind up making a  skewed decision that could be very costly down the road. You may have to start the entire process all over again, losing time and money or even critical business momentum.

Unbiased assistance can prove invaluable.

Whether you’re truly at a crossroads or you’re simply ready to investigate all the alternatives, it’s a wise investment to bring in a professional consultant. The IT landscape is changing at a lightning-fast pace, and it’s nearly impossible to stay abreast of emerging technical, sourcing and pricing models.

If you’re on the verge of making significant IT changes – especially something as potentially momentous as IBM Mainframe outsourcing -- you can’t risk making an expensive mistake.

A consulting firm whose core business is evaluating and recommending IT systems alternatives can help you make well-founded decisions. They’ll outline the outsourcing variations available, but more importantly, they’ll explain in detail the ramifications of each one as they pertain to your company’s current situation and future expectations.  

They can also help you develop a business case that will persuade stakeholders, if that’s an issue for your top management.

Before you examine the new, consider the old.

The best solution for your company is unlike any other, because your strategic goals and implementation priorities are unique. Industry-specific and broader economic conditions play a role in guiding your decisions, as does your current state of internal affairs regarding IT.

All are important factors in determining whether IBM Mainframe outsourcing is right for you, and if so, specifically what sort of outsourcing. You’ll want to consider issues such as:

  • New initiatives that might require redirection of IT staff or capital funds.
  • Physical space you could use more productively for something else or unload to save money.
  • Retiring personnel that foretell a need to make significant changes to legacy systems.
  • The need to streamline processes to increase productivity as well as curb costs.
  • Desire to make sweeping transformational changes to the company itself.

Things may be fine right now, but given a global business environment in flux, you know that’s bound to change. You want to be proactive. Especially if it appears you’re already beginning to slip behind competitors. If your existing IBM Mainframe equipment and/or management systems are reaching the limits of their ability to support changing technology, you cannot expect to confidently increase service or quality going forward.

Rising maintenance and supports costs may also be pinching your budget. It takes a lot of people, focused effort and resources to maintain your IBM Mainframe system internally, even if you don’t foresee major corporate changes any time soon.

In the end, whether IBM Mainframe Outsourcing is right for your company is an entirely individual decision. Only you can choose what equipment and management systems will best serve your near-term needs but also provide the versatility and flexibility to keep you functioning smoothly as you grow and markets change.

Understanding what’s available and the opportunity cost of each option will help you make the smartest, most strategic decision.

Photo Credit: Owen Brown

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