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Updated by Charles Bystock on 01/22/2016

data center outsourcing

Data center outsourcing continues to gain popularity among large enterprises and rightfully so; there are many operational and financial benefits to embrace. Companies continue to look to data center outsourcing as a solution because of increasing IT capacity requirements combined with reduced budgets and the need to access new technologies.

Outsourcing can certainly beef up your bottom line by saving costs on operations typically related to IT labor, associated overhead, equipment maintenance, upgrades, and physical space. You can choose to go virtual by migrating to the cloud or leasing another physical space to operate your data center operations. Either option eliminates the use of space at your actual corporate location and again, reduces your costs.

And while the obvious benefits are usually enough to sway businesses to make the move, here are 3 other (often) overlooked benefits of data center outsourcing:

1. Improved Employee Attitudes

Outsourcing brings about many business efficiencies and ultimately eases the burden on your in-house IT department. When you host a data center on-site, it requires key IT team members to spend significant amounts of time keeping the data center(s) running. When you outsource, that burden is removed and your in-house team can focus on improving organizational processes and increasing efficiencies internally.

2. Peace of Mind Against the Elements

Natural disasters can happen and have a huge impact on your business. To ensure business continuity and prevent a natural disaster from destroying your valuable business data, outsourcing can be one of the most cost-effective and quickest ways to do this. While details like your recovery plan could be one of the last things on your mind, it should be a priority, and physically creating distance between your corporate office and your production data center is just another form of risk mitigation.

3. Boosted Branding

You’re probably wondering how something like data center outsourcing can impact your company’s branding. Adoption of data center operations demonstrates leadership and vision for the future; this helps establish your company as a strategic and forward-thinking brand. Another benefit is that when your employees think they are part of something bigger, they inevitably become more motivated.

As your business continues to strive for profitability and sustainability while also managing costs, you’ll be challenged to respond to the increasingly high IT demands that today’s competitive business environment now requires. Your data center is a critical function that houses your information technology - and all of your associated business components.

When you outsource your data center, you gain more than just higher operational efficiencies; you promote higher employee satisfaction and provide a boost to your branding while also aligning IT and business in a strategic and cost-effective way.