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A somewhat ambiguous term in the industry, ‘IT transformation’ is used for a number of reasons.  IT transformation is most often used when making a significant change with the goal to improve capabilities, reduce IT costs, and/or mitigate risk.  If your transformation involves outsourcing your IT infrastrucutre, here are a few points to facilitate a successful transformation.

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Achieving greater organizational agility and flexibility is an area of ongoing focus for many IT organizations. In addition, it has become critically important to an enterprise’s success to have the ability to adapt to a change in market, customer, or supplier demands at a moment’s notice. In an effort to better accommodate these demands, many IT organizations are partnering with IT service providers to outsource commodity support functions.

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Helping CIOs Manage Priorities

Apr 5, 2016 9:30:00 AM

by Ken Cameron

As the IT landscape continues to evolve and progress, so too does the need for CIOs to adapt to shifts in market and business demands. CIO’s play a large role in the strategic alignment of IT with business, overseeing the implementation of newer and more advanced infrastructure systems and applications, and effectively allocating and managing IT costs. CIOs are constantly studying market trends and identifying opportunities that will provide their enterprise with competitive advantages.

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