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Today's Trend: IT as a Service

Oct 30, 2015 11:30:00 AM

by Dave Munn

We are a service economy. The service sector is the largest share of gross domestic product for major industrialized countries.   As our economy creates new value through interconnected services, it’s important that our IT organizations are on board with this approach. Leveraging services from external IT service providers greatly expands our capabilities to add value. The question is how to define your IT services and identify the opportunities to leverage IT service providers to achieve better results.

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A common misconception that many CIOs possess that makes them wary to outsource their mainframe is the idea that their service levels will suffer. It is understandable (and smart business) to want to ensure service levels are maintained up to similar standards that CIOs have grown accustomed to internally. Having a team of highly connected and fast moving support isn’t something that is limited to internal operations, however, and can be experienced with outsourced solutions if you work with the right vendor to ensure proper service levels are included in the final contract.

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Ah, the IBM Mainframe. Anyone who knows anything about IT has heard of the mainframe.  It was first developed for the centralized computer market as a big computer that could process big data.  It sounds simple enough, but the evolution of this hardware has changed the way companies are doing business in today’s complex markets, and will continue to change the way companies conduct business in the future.  Let’s take a look at where the mainframe has been, and where it’s going. And, most importantly, how this applies to the modern business environment.  I know you’ve heard the phrase, “death of the mainframe”, but that is far from true. Trust us; you’ll want to take note.

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