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Reducing expenses – both operational and capital – is one of the primary reasons to seriously consider outsourcing IT functions. Hiring an IT sourcing consultant can help you thoroughly examine alternative solutions, so you can capture every possible capital expenditure reduction.

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You think you can handle the process internally. Why would you need to hire a consultant to help investigate mainframe outsourcing? You have highly skilled, experienced IT staff. They know your infrastructure like the backs of their hands. They’re intimately familiar with the services you provide, and how your systems work. They can laugh about your IT “warts,” because they’re used to them.

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Behind every great team is a great coach. An entire coaching staff, actually. That’s IT advisory services.

When it comes to choosing a new direction for your company’s IT program, making the right moves makes the difference between success and coming up short. With IT advisory services, you not only get a coach, you get a one-on-one mentor working on your behalf. A guide to help you determine where you want to go and plot a course that will get you there efficiently. And cost-effectively. You need all that.

Internal challenges are increasingly complex.

You’re facing constantly emerging advances in technology, process improvements, changing IT best practices, increased government or industry-imposed regulation. Meanwhile, your legacy infrastructure is becoming obsolete, and it’s no easy task to find appropriately-skilled IT staff. And then there are changes wrought by data itself – vastly larger volumes with their associated storage and access challenges.   

Basically speaking, your entire IT world is changing. It’s time for a transformation – but into what?

Whether you’re a single regional entity or a major multi-location global presence, IT outsourcing can do wonders to keep you on the cutting edge and help you grow to the next level. Having the right coach makes it easier to organize a winning game plan, whereas misguided decisions could derail your plans – decreasing your company’s ability to function, deadening growth, leaving you vulnerable to market encroachment by your competitors.

IT advisory services help you sort it all out.

They’re unbiased, so you can take their advice seriously – literally bank on it. It’s meaningful, because it’s aligned with your specific circumstances, your current needs and long-term goals. It’s valuable because it’s based on their own real-life technical and business executive experience. They know where you’re coming from, as the saying goes.

They’ll guide you through the process of conducting and analyzing an enterprise-wide IT assessment. They’ll help you compare the results to your goals and expectations – both functional and financial -- to build an accurate business case. And if you want to go forward with outsourcing, IT advisory services extend though the remaining steps, helping you make the most advantageous decisions.

They have the inside track.

IT advisory services not only understand you, they know the outsourcing marketplace. That’s not easy in an environment that redefines “fluid,” with rapidly evolving technology, processes, providers, service and pricing alternatives.

Thankfully, they’re on top of it all – helping you make sense of it, weed out less-viable alternatives, zero in on the solutions specific suppliers or partners that can deliver what your company needs.

They help leverage your resources.

You need to operate leanly but effectively. IT advisory services work with you to determine what functions to keep, what to outsource and how to integrate it all so your company remains a tight-knit, competitive force. That includes making the most of your financial resources. And identifying opportunities to creatively partner with outsourcing providers to generate additional revenue or boost current streams.

IT advisory services help you evaluate potential effectiveness but also potential fit. With their targeted guidance, you can achieve your objectives in ways that work smoothly within your organization, structurally and culturally. At the same time, you can deftly sidestep the traps and distractions that can confuse outsourcing investigation efforts.

You can arrive at decisions that are truly strategic. Creative options tailored entirely around you, with an integrated approach that blends nicely with your business model.

Bold without undue risk. Right for today, but prepared for the future.

Change is continuous, but it’s not always predictable. The transformative IT changes you enact now must serve you well for a long time, under potentially unknown circumstances. The coaching you get from IT advisory services assures you’ll be able to meet your future armed with the capability, security and flexibility your enterprise needs to thrive.

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Many complex enterprises are finding themselves at an IT crossroads. It’s clear changes have to be made to assure a productive, agile future, so you’ve decided to investigate your options. Now is the time to hire IT advisory services.

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IT outsourcing consultants can be a gold mine. The guidance they give you to help thread your way through the complexities of outsourcing could well bring you a stronger and more cost-effective result than you could organize on your own. You can rely on their expertise and marketplace insight – details and nuances you probably don’t have to your fingertips – to find the best fit. The best deal.

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Data center outsourcing can take you outside your business comfort zone, not just outside your company’s physical plant. Typically executives considering a significant change are especially interested to know what the security implications will be. If your data center – and therefore your data – isn’t reliably safe and secure, your entire enterprise could be at risk. That’s too high a price to pay.

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While IT outsourcing may not be the ideal solution for every company, the marketplace continues to expand, giving potential clients and providers alike more to think about. Finding your company’s unique path through this veritable wilderness of alternatives can be head-spinning. Making use of a sourcing advisory can clear the way.

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