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Outline the steps and perform a detailed analysis of your current infrastructure services.
Benchmark It Cost

Benchmarking Your Internal IT Costs

Benchmarking Your Internal IT Costs

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The business objective is the same as it has always been for IT Infrastructure leaders - reduce cost while improving service. In this cycle of continuous service improvement, how do you know if you are doing a good job, or if there is room for improvement, and where?

The first step is to build your IT Infrastructure Services baseline. Your IT services baseline defines your current IT infrastructure service cost and output. Your baseline serves as a measurement tool for continuous improvement, as well as the base case for TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment) analyses.

  • Key insight into the cost effectiveness of your IT infrastructure services.
  • A systematic and efficient approach to analyze alternative marketplace service offerings.
  • Ongoing approach for evaluating progress and a foundation for continuous service improvement.
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