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Analyze Costs

We collect and organize readily available financial and technical data,
and then show your current IT service and cost in a format
that makes it easy to analyze your current state.


Strategic Decisions

Making strategic decisions about your IT service cost and delivery strategies requires an understanding of your current financial and technical baseline.  Otherwise, decisions may be made on insufficient analysis, leading to suboptimal and costly efforts and solutions. 

Financial Analysis

WG provides a financial analysis model, linking your budget, organization and inventories, to the IT services provided within your organization.  Our financial model makes it possible to measure effects of action over time, to understand your retained and residual costs, and therefore improve the quality of your decisions.

Benchmarking Internal IT Costs, The Windsor Group

The business objective is the same as it has always been for IT Infrastructure leaders - reduce cost while improving service. In this cycle of continuous service improvement, how do you know if you are doing a good job, or if there is room for improvement, and where? The first step is to build your IT Infrastructure Services baseline.

The Windsor Group has given us the compass needed to make strategic sourcing decisions


CIO of Large Global Manufacturer

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