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Windsor Group is a strategic IT outsourcing advisory firm that specializes in aligning leading organizations with the latest in managed service offerings. Our advisory team collaborates closely with clients to define new opportunities for efficiency optimization, growth, and long-term strategic success.

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Hear from our strategic IT outsourcing advisory experts on technology trends, IT best practices, financial planning for digital transformation, and topics of note for IT sourcing success.

Windsor Group?

Working with the strategic IT outsourcing advisory team at the Windsor Group is unlike any other sourcing relationship. Our unique business model and personalized, collaborative design approach ensures individual IT & business transformation needs are met, every time.
Our business model proves we are driven by what is right for our client, and not by our bottom line.
Our leadership team is hands-on throughout the entire sourcing journey, delivering on outcomes from start-to-finish.
We prioritize strategic and cultural fit in client vendor selection for greater value in the short- and long-term.
Our recommendations are based on evidence for optimized solutions today, tomorrow, and in the future.


“We worked with Windsor Group for two key engagements, and they really went above and beyond each time. They were hand-in-hand throughout the whole process, ensuring we obtained the best deal for our requirements. It can be challenging to structure an outsourcing agreement, but they had someone with us the whole time to make it as easy as possible. The team provides on-hand advice without charging additional fees for every interaction, which as a client really makes a big difference. We would never have found the service providers that we have in place now if it weren’t for Windsor Group.”

Technology Manager, Fortune 500 Energy Delivery Company

“We had a successful partnership with Windsor for many reasons. They stated upfront that outsourcing might not be the solution; they had people who were knowledgeable of our infrastructure systems and operations; they did a very thorough study of not only our technical environment but all the financials so we could make a fully informed decision. In the end, they also provided the names of outsourcing companies who best matched our needs. Windsor was with us from the beginning to the end and was always available to answer questions or provide assistance.”

AVP of Systems Infrastructure & Operations, world-class Higher Education Institution

“Windsor Group delivered an exceptional new approach to IT outsourcing. Our goal was to reduce infrastructure costs to fund our innovation projects. Windsor did a thorough assessment of all infrastructure services and suggested five managed services providers (two of whom we had never heard of). With Windsor’s help, we designed potential solutions with these providers and were able to assess culture fit. Windsor then guided us through creating selection criteria and scoring matrices for our top choices. We ended up with a great solution with a great provider (and at a great price!), thanks to the seasoned advisors at Windsor Group.”

SVP of Infrastructure & Operations, Fortune 500 Insurance Provider


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