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    Scale New Heights of
    Business Growth
    We align organizations with the right partners for long-term
    strategic success.

Windsor Group is an IT sourcing advisory firm that specializes in aligning leading organizations with the latest in managed service offerings. Our advisory team collaborates closely with clients to define new opportunities for efficiency optimization, growth, and long-term strategic success.

Windsor Group?

Working with the Windsor Group is unlike any other sourcing relationship. Our unique business model and personalized, collaborative approach ensures individual IT & business transformation needs are met, every time.
Our business model proves we are driven by what is right for our client, and not by our bottom line.
Our leadership team is hands-on throughout the entire sourcing journey, delivering on outcomes from start-to-finish.
We prioritize strategic and cultural fit when matching clients with vendors, ensuring greater value in the short- and long-term.
Our recommendations are based on evidence for optimized solutions today, tomorrow, and in the future.



Learn more about how we can transform your IT operations into realizable business strategies.