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How Application Infrastructure Services Improve Scalability

May 9, 2013 12:28:00 PM

by Charles Bystock

application infrastructure servicesOne of the greatest frustrations for executives of complex enterprises is matching corporate IT requirements with sufficient tools to do the job. On the surface, it doesn’t seem as if this should be such a problem. But the reality is, your needs are variable. For execs grappling with a new realm of IT-related needs and processes, application infrastructure services can offer valuable opportunities to find the right balance.

You’re only as productive as your weakest link.

IT needs fluctuate with the pulse of day-to-day business operations as well as the broader dynamics of marketplace conditions. For years, managers have resigned themselves to the fact that adequately meeting enterprise-wide needs would always be, to some extent, a hit-or-miss proposition. And cost-effectiveness would always be somewhat elusive, too.

Fixed-capacity systems, by definition, cannot match you fluctuating needs. The same is true of your fixed-size in-house labor force. Despite your most careful planning, it’s difficult to align levels of need and available capacity. Often, equipment and personnel are significantly under-utilized, which wastes money. Worse, sometimes you find yourself under-equipped, leaving your company unable to take advantage of new sales opportunities, technology innovations or other business-builders.

If you cannot respond nimbly, you’re sure to lose competitive position.

Introducing scalability.

Investing in alternative application infrastructure services brings your operation a new type of system that can provide “just-right” levels of functionality. It’s a flexible allocation of resources that enables you to smoothly meet day-to-day service needs throughout your enterprise. Everyone gets what they need, without delays or any dip in service quality.

Yet your system is always ready to handle much more -- or a bit less -- on a moment’s notice. The resources are there if you need them. But here’s the difference, and it’s a big one: choosing the scalability offered by application infrastructure services saves money because you don’t pay for what you don’t need. You pay only for resources you’re actually using.

Scalability gives you the elasticity you need.

Every enterprise is different, so your IT needs are unique. You can arrange application infrastructure services any way you like, negotiating SLAs that keep you functioning smoothly now but which allow easy expansion as you require additional capacity – or even modified services -- in the future.

With application infrastructure services, every aspect of your IT operation is scalable – hardware and software, labor, specific services. That gives you far greater control. You can make more accurate forecasts and more accurately predict budget needs. The savings you realize can support development and implementation of new initiatives. All that supports stronger and better-targeted corporate growth.

Less waste. More profit.

Today’s business environment is more dynamic than ever. You have more mobile workers and remote locations, and you’re dealing with far more data. The global economic climate remains unpredictable. Customers are demanding more individualized products and services.

Virtualization supports your need for more dynamic functionality. Virtualized hardware supports application infrastructure services, and that in turn enables you to more efficiently and cost-effectively allocate all your resources. Your operation is more streamlined, yet you have scalability that assures system availability, when and where your people need it.

It’s easier to maximize productivity. You’re in a better position to implement best practices, emerging technology innovations, etc. that support continued enterprise growth and profitability.

You’re more likely to reach your goals when you have the resources you need right at hand. Scalability provides that essential foundation, giving you the flexibility and agility to meet the future competitively. 

Photo credit: Peter Curbishley via Flickr

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