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What's Usually Included in A Mainframe Outsourcing Service?

Jan 31, 2013 6:00:00 AM

by Charles Bystock

What's Usually Included in A Mainframe Outsourcing ServiceMainframe systems and management processes create the foundation that enables your company to operate smoothly, regardless of your size or number of locations. Because of the complexities involved, Mainframe outsourcing considerations can be equally complex. Fortunately you have choices, from entirely transforming your operation to selective outsourcing of only certain commoditized services.

Naturally, the specific solutions you choose will be unique to your company and goals.

Lewis and Clark used knowledgeable guides, and you should, too.

When you’re heading into new territory, it’s smart to have someone on your team that knows the way. Someone who can interpret the landscape and show you the shortest, smoothest path.

Hiring a professional IT consulting firm will help you avoid pitfalls, wasted time, ineffective side trips or just plain getting hopelessly lost in the maze of options.

They’re adept at navigating the complexity of Mainframe outsourcing opportunities. Based on your current situation and future plans, they can help determine what services will benefit you most. They’ll provide knowledgeable vendor recommendations and assistance negotiating SLAs that ensure top service and support, address contingencies up front and incentivize above-expectations performance all at the right price.  

Mainframe outsourcing services typically fall under these categories:

System software support and computer operations.

You want a system that is fully managed, flexible and scalable to ride with your business needs as you grow or change. You need assured 24/7 support for maximum uptime. Your consultant can steer you toward the best-fitting solution and provider.

Data center migration.

Anything less than near-seamless transition could result in a service dip, causing potentially costly delay, lost sales and damaged reputation, not to mention frustration. Your consultant can help pave the way for a smooth, reliable and fast transition using the latest methodologies.

Disaster recovery.

Effectively mitigating risk requires a comprehensive plan that takes into account your geographic and other physical needs or regulatory requirements as well as operational sensitivities. Your consultant can link you with the right provider to ensure you meet your recovery point and time objectives with a plan that’s cost-effective, too.

Technology architecture.

The design of your technology underpinnings is just as important as the architectural design of your work space. An experienced consultant will help you evaluate hardware and software components, server consolidation options, the latest in networking solutions, advanced system z storage strategies and sourcing options. You’ll get a technology road map drawn just for you.

Runtime improvements.

Improving productivity can make the difference between a profitable future and lackluster results. A professional consultant will help analyze your existing capacity, system and applications performance and database design and management options. They can recommend ways to fine-tune IT operations you retain in-house, too.  

What can you gain?

  • Reinvigorated focus on core activities.
  • Reduced labor and other operations costs.
  • Eliminated costs of hardware and software purchase and upgrades, physical space and associated expenses.
  • Virtually eliminated tangible and intangible costs from downtime.
  • Assured current service levels, with significant opportunity to improve and expand both services and quality, building on current capabilities and adopting  new approaches.
  • Confident disaster recovery.
  • A working partner that can offer ongoing advice to keep you agile and proactive in a volatile global marketplace.

The bottom line? Implementing the right Mainframe outsourcing solutions allows you to do more -- better and more costs-effectively – than you could do internally, with fewer headaches. You can enjoy the highest system availability and support at the lowest ongoing cost. You’ll be poised to take advantage of new technology innovations without a major time and financial investment or functional disruption. 

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