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We help you transform your IT by making the

right service provider choices to support your business direction.


Why We Are Different

IT Management Advisors

unique approach

WG practices a collaborative, iterative process to fit your culture and specific service requirements.  No one size fits all.  Dashboards are tailored to your current and future needs. 



Our services leverage real-time market intelligence, assuring your technology, people and processes are aligned to your overall strategy.

IT Sourcing Consultant

Experienced Guidance

We are happy to share our best practices with you, so you can put them to use on an ongoing basis.

Our Expertise

Global Enterprise IT
Fortune 1000
Sourcing Experience

Our People

WG Executives all have decades of experience running large global, complex IT Operations.

Will guide you through a phased process to select the best service-based solutions to align with your IT and business strategies.

Will lead you through a streamlined approach to select the best service options to match your goals.

Will provide you with a complete financial and technical analysis for use in your service provider selection process.

Will help you combine cost reduction, service improvement, and innovative transformational solutions to position your IT for the future.

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